BBS Medical, Stockholm, Sweden, has released a new adapter that allows its ProbeHunter to conduct dynamic testing and validation of the performance of all leading Endoscopic Ultrasound that utilizes advanced features for US-imaging, sampling and interventional EUS/EBUS procedures. This is the latest addition to the company’s probe testing capabilities.

This means that we can include all leading EUS OEM´s to the adapter portfolio and to the adapter list of all OEMs’ ultrasound probes—GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung, Mindray, and more—to test independent from the US-system, on ProbeHunter.

With more 60 different multi-brand adapters in our portfolio, we can offer hospitals and anyone dealing or servicing ultrasound probes the ultimate tool for patient safety and QA.

ProbeHunter is a multi-brand real-time dynamic testing device with innovative technology designed to provide quality assurance for ultrasound probes. It is designed for patient safety, for the user to get a super quick “Go or No Go” report,
before using a probe on a patient.