hand-haller-paddaThe new ultrasound probe test-system, ProbeHunter, includes new features like validation of image, color and Doppler gives clinicians and biomeds at hospitals and the ultrasound industry a new tool for quality assurance and patient safety.

Studies in Scandinavia have confirmed that; 35-40 percent of the ultrasound transducers at a non-tested hospital, show defects when tested. Even after OEMs service, maintenance and systems own test protocols. The ultrasound probe is the most delicate part of an ultrasound system and is extremely sensitive of shocks, dropping and type of gel or cleanser used. The risk of a fallacious diagnosis is high.

A tester is a must. The faulty frequency confirms by the Swedish company BBS Medical AB. They have performed probe tests, in the Nordic countries, on probes in use for the past 13 years. The data includes many thousands of probe tests, all brands and types, and shows that at a non-tested hospital approximately 35 percent of the probes need to be attended to for patient safety. BBS Medical AB now have developed the next generation of test system, ProbeHunter, and they confirm that it is possible to bring the faulty frequency down to 10 percent if a hospital frequently tests the ultrasound probes.

“I have always asked myself, ‘Why do we test a transducer with a static tester when you should test a dynamic system with a dynamic tester in real time?’ This is why we decided to develop ProbeHunter,” says Björn Segall, CEO of the Swedish company BBS Medical AB.

ProbeHunter is a dynamic test system that validates the performance of ultrasound probes all brands i.e. Siemens, GE, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mindray etc. It is designed for every biomed department at hospitals and the ultrasound industry.

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