Ultraschall 2015 in Davos “State of the Art Lecture”
Quality Assurance of Ultrasound transducers/probes

Presented by Björn Segall, BBS Medical AB, Sweden

Ultraschall 2015, Dreiländertreffen September 24, Davos, Switzerland.

The scientific committee for the most important Ultrasound event for Austria,
Germany and Switzerland has accepted BBS Medical AB Abstract

Quality Assurance of Ultrasound transducers/probes

The Abstract is based on BBS Medical AB 13 years of testing transducers/probes, in
daily use all brands and types, at hospitals in the Nordic countries. This work and
Studies by The Royal Institute of Technology, (KTH) Stockholm, Sweden confirms
that; 35-40% of the ultrasound transducers at a non tested hospital, shows defects
when tested. Even after OEM:s service, maintenance and systems own test

The ultrasound probe is the most delicate part of an ultrasound system and is
extremely sensitive of shocks, dropping and type of gel or cleanser used. The risk of
a fallacious diagnosis is high because – The Problem is that you can´t see the
Problem, that’s the Problem! A tester is a must.

The presentation will show that testing ultrasound probes on a frequent basis will
take the faulty frequency 40% down to approx. 10%.

More information please contact: Ann-Christiné Segall, BBS Medical AB

info@ProbeHunter.com phone 0046704266642

Quality Assurance EBQA

Validation of Multi Brand Ultrasound Probe Performance