You can trade your First Call (IP GE) in, value up to USD 10 000!

Yes, you are reading absolutely right!

We are trading in the “GE First Call statical system”, where there is no support and developments any longer, when upgrading to a ProbeHunter, any version. You will go directly to real time validation of the performance of your ultrasound probes.

Don´t miss out for our special offer during MEDICA November 12-15. Your First Call, in working condition and based on configuration, will be given a trade in value up to USD 10 000!

Contact me directly for a private demo of ProbeHunter and the not yet released test systems in the ProbeHunter product line.

At MEDICA we are almost fully booked in our demo room November 12-14, still some slot times left on November 15. You can contact me directly and I will make sure we will meet! See you at Medica,

BR Bjorn