Press release September 8, 2021

ProbeHunter Can Now Test Olympus Endoscopy Ultrasound

BBS Medical, Stockholm, Sweden, has released an adapter that allows its ProbeHunter to conduct dynamic testing and validation of the performance of Olympus Endoscopic Ultrasound that utilizes advanced features for imaging, sampling and interventional EUS/EBUS procedures. This is the latest addition to the company’s probe testing capabilities.

“This means that we can include Olympus to the adapter portfolio and to the adapter list of all leading OEMs’ ultrasound probes—GE, Philips, Siemens, Samsung, Mindray, and more—to test independent from the system, on ProbeHunter,” says BBS Medical CEO Björn Segall.

“With 50 different multi-brand adapters in our portfolio, we can offer hospitals and anyone dealing or servicing ultrasound probes the ultimate tool for patient safety.”

ProbeHunter is a multi-brand real-time testing device with innovative technology designed to provide quality assurance for ultrasound probes. It is designed for patient safety, for the user to get a super quick “Go or No Go” before using a probe on a patient.

“It is now easier than ever to get a ProbeHunter system,” adds Segall. “The Swedish government supports export business and is offering a capital credit guarantee during the pandemic. It means, in general, that it is possible to have a ProbeHunter system today and pay later. I would like to encourage hospitals and the ultrasound probe industry to make use of this unique possibility for patient safety.”

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